Joe Thordarson

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Joe Thordarson is a Master Wood Turner and a huge Fan of the Harry Potter Book Series. He turns many unique Wands and Walking Sticks for fellow Harry Potter Fans or people who simply appreciate interesting wood turnings.

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Geek 101 2015 HP Movie Shoot

A big thank you to Molly Foreman and her class at Cordova Middle School, for inviting Lara Johnson and I to bring our Storytelling in Comics and Film Workshop to their school on 3-27-15. We had a great time shooting our short Harry Potter film with them, and all of the students performed like true professionals!



A shout out to Senator Ted Cruz aka Captain Constitution, for taking a few minutes to take a break from campaigning to talk about Super Heroes, Star Trek, and The Princess Bride. To hear all about it listen to our August 15th podcast.

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