Geek Tank Radio Season 020317

Three Hosts? Three Different Locations to DISCOVER!

Episode 1: Discovery
Despite being split across three locations, the Geek Patrol take a moment to discuss the latest about Star Trek: Discovery!

Episode 2: Do Power Pellets Cure Sadness?
The Geek Patrol discuss the loss of a gaming pioneer while they prepare for Horizon Zero Dawn.

Episode 3: Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Jupiter… Descending?
Allan brings the Geek Patrol new updates from the Juno and Cassini missions.

Episode 4: The Pirates are Coming to Germantown!
Ned Canty and Chelsea Miller of Opera Memphis Join the Geek Patrol to discuss The Pirates of Penzance!

Episode 5: Innovations in Storytelling
Joe questions Ned Canty about the first opera, while the rest of the Geek Patrol questions Joe’s need for Smell-O-Vision!

Ben Affleck steps back while Han Solo gets started.

Episode 7: Castings & Goings
Peter Capaldi prepares his exit, Teri Hatcher returns to a SUPERshow and Cloak & Dagger casts a Germantown local.

Episode 8: The Loss of a Legend
The Geek Patrol says good by to the incomparable John Hurt…

BEYOND THE TANK: Lan Diep, America’s Councilman!
The Geek Patrol talks to San Jose District 4 Councilman Lan Diep about his geekdom, values and his decision to wield the shield of the Star-Spangled Avenger to his swearing in.

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Geek Tank Radio: Season 090916: Alice Cooper’s Bomb Shelter? Uhhh, I don’t think so…

Episode 1: Pokemon Go Plus + Brodee = MANDATORY THORAZINE DRIP!

The Geek Patrol tries to have a tech report. TRIES….

Episode 2: 30 Days of Geek Tank

The Geek Patrol is joined by Opera Memphis Director Ned Canty to discuss 30 days of Opera featuring The Barber of Seville. Plus, Gilbert & Sullivan meet MASS EFFECT!

Episode 3: The Graphic Opera of Video Games & Comic Books

Inspired by Mordin’s singing, the Geek Patrol delves into the operatic themes in video games and comics. Brandon laments Mefistofele replacing The Mark of Zorro in Batman Begins and Ned Canty avoids Joe’s questions about Mozart’s masonic themes.

Episode 4: Prof. Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Suddenly a Wild Philae appears!

They found the missing Philae Lander! WHOOT! Plus, Joe goes gaga over the new Juno photospread.

Episode 5: Heading into the Black Hills with DEATHSTROKE!

DCEU finds its Deathstroke, Justice League takes a stand against ecological and cultural injustices and fans petition for a longer Blair Witch Project. All this plus THANOS

Episode 6: Dang it, Joe… or One Grown Man’s infatuation with phony flatulence

After last year’s in-depth look into Colin Furze *shudder*, Joe now feels that it is imperative to inform the audience about the lost history of the Whoopee Cushion… Plus Brandon & Ned theorize that Shannon Purser may actually BE Squirrel Girl!