GEEK TANK RADIO IS ON… Episode 1019?

On this all new-season of GTR, Allan wants to control gravity, Brodee prepares for a family-friendly Halloween, Brandon raves about a not-so-family-friendly Halloween, and Joe explores what makes a show infinitely rewatchable. All this, plus the unexpected Return of Geek Tank Global Correspondent, Lara Johnson! It’s a KISS Original, meaning you’ll only find it here, or searchable on the iHeart app, keyword Geek Tank Radio!

The Lara Johnson Paradox

Brodee makes his triumphant return as Joe blames Brandon for The Cloverfield Paradox, Alissa unpacks all the Star Wars news and Lara expertly ruins Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle! It’s an all-new season of Geek Tank, and as always, you can find it and all the KISS Originals at!

The GTR Double Feature 9-8-17


The All-New Geek Tank Radio Season is so full of geekery, that it took two weeks to contain it all! That’s right, friends! Its the GTR Double Feature!
Joe! Brandon! Allan! Brodee! Lara! Alissa! Wayne! Tannen! Jessie! It’s a Full Tank, and it’s Locked & Loaded! Only on Key Word: Geek Tank

Geek Tank Radio Season 021717:


Episode 1: Live from a greasy mess…
Allan gets blamed for the Geek Patrol being booked inside a massive butter sculpture of King Kong’s face…

Episode 2: Talkin’ ‘Bout my Generation… 2!
Brandon & Brodee might be super busy playing Pokemon Go, but they’ve still got some great gaming news for you!

Episode 3: Prof Gilbreath’s Science Punishment: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Allan went to see Neil DeGrasse Tyson. We’re all jealous….

Episode 4: The Passion of the Skwad
Warner Bros wants Mel Gibson to direct Suicide Squad 2, but the real fun is found in The LEGO Batman Movie!

Episode 5: Fandom Transcendent
Global Correspondent Lara Johnson’s latest field report has the stateside members of the Geek Patrol pondering if fandom can transcend language barriers.

Episode 6: Lightning Strikes The CW…AGAIN!!!
Black Lightning is coming to the CW and The Flash takes on Gorilla Grodd in GORILLA CITY!!!

Episode 7: Dang it, Joe….
In this season’s random roundup, Joe wants to play a game of Stump The Geek!

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Geek Tank Radio Season 012717: Dang it, Joe! Why’d it have to be snakes?!?

Episode 1: Snakes in a Sub
The Geek Patrol are back with a colossal show, featuring awesome guests, unstoppable cannibals and things to keep your spirits up as the temperatures plummet!

Episode 2: Go Tell Aunt Rhody…
Brodee and Brandon take a virtual roadtrip to Dulvey, Louisiana for the Baker Family Reunion while a new breed of heroes assemble and the lines between legends are redrawn…

Episode 3: Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Flashing The Moon Bionic
Allan practices new “mind control” techniques as Joe gets surprised by a double moon.

Episode 4: Geek Tank Radio’s Series of Unavoidable Events
Global Correspondent Lara Johnson joins us from Prague to weigh-in on Netflix’s newest hit, A Series of Unfortunate Events, while Joe is amused by how much Klaus looks like a young Harold Ramis…

Episode 5: The Unapologetic Adventures of IMAKEMADBEATS
IMAKEMADBEATS, Eric Knight, Jr., Kid Maestro and the crew from Unapologetic Studios join the Geek Patrol to discuss their new EP and upcoming performance at Visible Music College!

Episode 6: Lets all go to the Lobby,
Episode VIII gets a title, The Flash gets a page-one rewrite and Arrival gets a re-release, not to mention 8 Oscar nominations!

Episode 7: CW Domination!
The Geek Patrol says goodbye to a television icon, then go full GEEKTASTIC on the CW midseason premieres!

Episode 8: Geek Tank Cures for The Winter-time Blues
How does the Geek Patrol beat the winter doldrums? CREATIVELY!

Episode 9: Random Roundup: TEASE-APALOOZA!!!
The Aquabats vs GWAR! Councilman America! LITTLE BILLY! GEEK EATS?!?

Geek Tank Radio SEASON 010617: It’s a whole new year, and the Geek Patrol are on a spaceship..

It is 2017!!!

Episode 1: Welcome to 2017, Motherfrackers!
The Geek Patrol is mostly whole as the guys are joined by Global Correspondent Lara Johnson to talk about how they can be better geeks, new excitement for 2017 and a new Geek Tank jar system.

Episode 2: Happy PokeNew Year!!!
With the holiday events finishing up this weekend, the Geek Patrol discusses what might be coming next….

Episode: 3 Prof Gilbreath’s Science Corner: The New German Fusion Reactor
Allan introduces the Geek Patrol to the German Fusion Reactor. Please ignore the bomb-like appearance…

Episode 4: She’ll Always Be Royalty To Me…
The Geek Patrol says goodbye to the amazing Carrie Fisher. From her iconic role as the formidable Leia Organa, to her struggles with addiction and mental illness, to her writing and public performances, she will live on for all of us as Geek Royalty… We also take a look at the life of her mother, America’s Sweetheart, Debbie Reynolds who passed just one day later from a broken heart.

Episode 5: We’re On A Ship To Nowhere
Joe went to see Passengers. We’re sorry… PLUS: Who greenlit Captain Underpants: The Movie??

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Geek Tank Radio Season 122316: Merry Christmas from a special IMAX screening of The Star Wars Holiday Special!!!

The Geek Patrol finds themselves cringing in cinematic pain as they discuss Ebola, the return of Rick Deckard and a new way to PoGo! PLUS a visit from GTR’s very own Santa Claus!

Episode 1: It’s time to Catch ‘Em All!
Every time Brodee thinks he’s out, they drag him back in… This time, by his WRIST!

Episode 2: The Dark Side of Riverdale
We’re only a month away from the CW’s twisted take on the world of Archie Comics and a new extended promo shows us that not all is well in Riverdale…

Episode 3: Prof. Gilbreath’s Science Corner: EEEEEEEEEEEEEE-BOLAAAAAA
Allan introduces the Geek Patrol to the new Ebola Vaccine. Thankfully, no one dropped their pants….

Episode 4: “I used to have your job…”
The first trailer for Blade Runner 2049 has dropped and it finds current Blade Runner Ryan Gosling searching for Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard. Brandon is taking bets on Deckard being killed and tossed off of a catwalk….

Episode 5: Brandon’s Top 5 Unconventional Christmas Films
Brandon regales the Geek Patrol with the five movies he must watch every holiday season.

5. The Ref

4. Die Hard

3. Lethal Weapon

2. Batman Returns

1. Gremlins

Episode 6: Random Roundup
Don’t expect any links here… Its TOO random.

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Geek Tank Radio Season 121616: Feliz Navidad from the Processing Center on the Island of Misfit Toys.

The Geek Patrol finds themselves surrounded by some familiar characters…

Episode 1: Pokemon Ho Ho Ho
Brandon puts The Silph Road on the Naughty list as Niantic drops a very minuscule holiday update including the hatchable baby Pokemon and a Holiday Pikachu.

Episode 2: Storming the Castle
Duke Sir Kane and his squire Aubrey join the Geek Patrol to discuss Shadowcon and the Society for Creative Anachronism

Episode 3: Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Designer Genes & Exoplanet Weather
Allan tells Joe all about the latest exoplanet weather report while Brandon & Brodee petition to test out a BXP 3200 DNA Printer.

Episode 4: Beware the Aquabats!
Joe discovered the Aquabats on Netflix. Now he wants to share them with YOU!

Episode 5: The Force is with Me and I am One with The Force (Spoiler Alert!!!)
The Geek Patrol yell over each other while discussing ROGUE ONE.

GTR Beyond The Tank: The Lara Johnson Chronicles: Saying Goodbye to India
Brandon catches up with Global Correspondent Lara Johnson as she prepares to depart India.

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Stay tuned to the GTR Network for an all-new RUINED featuring ROGUE ONE!

Geek Tank Radio Season 120216: Happy Holidays from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer’s Community Outreach Center for Equal Opportunity Employment

The Geek Patrol are BACK, coming to you from Rudolph’s Community Outreach Center for Equal Opportunity Employment, to discuss DC INVASION!, The Cure, and the return of the PokeUpdate! All this and a very sick Global Correspondent fighting off Dengue Fever! Now With Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation!

Episode 1: The PokeMon Rise
Ditto, Tracking and the rumored December Gen2 rollout gets the Geek Patrol back in the game! Brodee’s Mother-in-law will never know what hit her!

Episode 2: The Plummeting Dead
Can Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Season 8 confirmation bring back viewers to The Walking Dead? Or will Bottle Episodes ruin the fanbase forever?

Episode 3: The CW DC Invasion!
Brodee and Brandon go into full childlike glee as they discuss the greatest four hours of CW TV as Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow crossover for INVASION!

Episode 4: Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Allan introduces Joe to a whole new form of memory retention, possibly using refrigerator magnets and the microwave. Meanwhile, Brodee disappears into Hermey’s dental office.

Episode 5: Fantastic Beasts and How to Bake Them
The Geek Patrol discusses the first chapter of JK Rowling’s latest venture into the Wizarding World as Allan sits down to eat a hippogriff as prepared by world famous prospector, Yukon Cornelius!

Episode 6: The Dark Side of Justice
The Geek Patrol keep tapping into the magical realms as John Constantine meets Batman in DC Animated’s JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK!

Episode 7: Joe finds The Cure!
Joe meets one of his heroes, founding member of The Cure, Lol Tolhurst and gives him a full Geek Tank Welcome! And if you don’t get enough here, you can read more in Lol’s new book CURED: The Tale of Two Imaginary Boys!

Episode 8: Random Roundup!
The Geek Patrol wraps up their return with a few housekeeping moments and an update on our Global Correspondent Lara Johnson!

Season 101416: Coming to You LIVE (on tape) from the 358th Annual Ewok Olympic Games

Geek Tank Radio:

Episode 1: WE ARE… WE ARE VR!
Pokemon goes on the backburner as Brandon & Brodee go from Augmented to Virtual Reality!

Episode 2: DC on The CW: IT’S ON!
Brodee and Brandon recap the DC Supershow season premieres. It’s gonna get nerdy…

Episode 3: Return of the Geek Complainers!
Joe and Brandon attended Fathom Events’ “BATMAN: RETURN OF THE CAPED CRUSADERS”

Episode 4: Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner: All The Aliens are DEAD!!!
Prof. Brian Cox has an interesting theory as to why we’ve never been contacted by aliens…

Episode 5: They’re Asking For a Call Sign….
The new Rogue One Trailer is out, and Allan just won’t let Joe be excited….. PLUS our global correspondent introduce her host family’s children to Star Wars!

Episode 6: Never FEAR! TADPOLE’S HERE!!!
The Amazing Mr. Robert, Tadpole and Weasel stop by to help us prepare for Let’s Make A Deal at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, Allan unveils The GTR Cafepress store, Brandon talks the GTR Network and Joe just gets straight up SHAMELESS!

Episode 7: Geektastic Freaks and How to Avoid Them
Nine new posters have been released for Fantastic Beasts and they are chockfull of hints, clues, & easter eggs. Plus, JK Rowling has revealed Fantastic Beasts to be part one of a PENTALOGY!

Episode 8: Random Roundup or The Ballad of Joe’s Favorite Goat
The Geek Patrol heads to Wrigley Field for a look at The Chicago Cubs & the Curse of the Billy Goat.

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