Geek Tank Radio: Spooky Cookie Edition

On an all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Joe learns a little something about Man (and Woman) vs Nature, Allan teaches the team about Mummy DNA, Jessie says goodbye to Team Harley, Brandon & Brodee geek out with The CineMasoCast, and artist Cat Knowles talks about creating the new MCFC mascot, A.D!


GTR: The Conspiracies Of Brodee

On an all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Joe takes on Drunken Time Travel, Brandon is conflicted about The Gifted, and Allan contemplates “solar sailing” to ContraFlow. Plus, The Geek Patrol tries to fit Brodee for a full-on tinfoil bodysuit, but the Saturnian messages keep coming…

More Pumpkin Spice …

GEEK TANK RADIO IS… well, late, but still ON!

Monday is the worst!

In this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Brandon & Brodee need a hug, Joe studies bathroom accuracy, Jessie rages at Build-a-Bear, and Allan bakes! Plus we hear from Trek Connoisseur Gary Hahn and The CineMasoCast about Star Trek: Discovery!

Geek Tank Radio 070717: Imagine*…

Episode 0: Imagine #ButtholeGate
While awaiting Joe’s arrival, the rest of the Geek Patrol discusses a little story about a local vegan cafe in Memphis…

Episode 1: Joe Vs The Foodcano
Joe is disgusted by the annual July 4th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Guess that’s one sponsor we can stop chasing. Meanwhile, Mr. Robert gets another visit by the Librarians.

Episode 2: Pokemon Go Anniversary a Disappointment
Pikachu got a new hat. Yep, you guessed it. The internet is PISSED.

Episode 3: PGSC: Throwing DARTs into Space
Allan brings the team news about giant rats and our new asteroid defense system.

and so much more …..

Geek Tank Radio 060917: Fidgefidgefidgey!!!

That Creepy Guy in the Back:
Joe tells the Geek Patrol what its like to be the only guy at Captain Underpants without kids and Brandon contemplates the combined distraction of Catwoman & Wedding Bells.

That’s just not right…
A Vietnamese skin care center is a little bit “shady” and Chicago is hosting the first ever Pokemon Go Fest!

Professor Gilbreath’s Science HOLE:
Digging up Dinos, after 6 years, a mummified nodasaur has been unearthed & reassembled, meanwhile Axiom Space is preparing for private sector intergalactic manufacturing!

and so much more ….

Geek Tank Radio: Season 051917: Live From A Monkey Cruise!

While avoiding the Monkey Cruise groomers, The Geek Patrol discuss the weirdest theme park…

Then it’s a week of rock-claiming adventure with the PoGO Trainers, and Brandon chimes in on the awesome Batman Vs Superman saga Injustice2

Professor Gilbreath’s Science Fridge: Styrofoam Planet Terror:
Allan prepares to hack your refrigerator and spoil your milk…

In the end… Everybody Dies
The Geek Patrol are joined by Calandra & Herika Raymer as they discuss being a published minion in the service of The Dark Lord, Allan Gilbreath.

And so much more ……

Geek Tank Radio 050517: Fool House

Episode 1: Bard Wars
The Geek Patrol prep the season while discussing the Shakespearean Epic, Verily, a New Hope.

Episode 2: Shining your Bulbasaur
The team discuss the underwhelming nature of Prey, the overwhelming amount of Injustice 2 content and this weekend’s perfectly whelming Pokemon Blossom Event.

Episode 3: Prof Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Energizing Uranus
The Hubble telescope witnesses Uranus activity, while Allan powers the Wayback Machine with his trusty Mr. Fusion!

And so much more ….

Geek Tank Radio 042817: MCFC Has Left The Building

While preparing the show from Fred Flintstone’s Foot Repair Center, the Geek Patrol discuss the Art of the Prank Call while schilling for Brodee’s Monday show on 101.9 KISS FM.

Episode 2: You didn’t even OUTLAST the trailer!
While Allan takes a traumatized Joe to church, Brandon grills Brodee about OUTLAST 2 before he can get fitted for his fire suit.

Episode 3: Prof Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Giant Rats (not) From Space!
Professor Allan updates Joe on the Cassini Mission, as reports come in regarding!

And so much more ….

Geek Tank Radio Season 020317

Three Hosts? Three Different Locations to DISCOVER!

Episode 1: Discovery
Despite being split across three locations, the Geek Patrol take a moment to discuss the latest about Star Trek: Discovery!

Episode 2: Do Power Pellets Cure Sadness?
The Geek Patrol discuss the loss of a gaming pioneer while they prepare for Horizon Zero Dawn.

Episode 3: Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Jupiter… Descending?
Allan brings the Geek Patrol new updates from the Juno and Cassini missions.

Episode 4: The Pirates are Coming to Germantown!
Ned Canty and Chelsea Miller of Opera Memphis Join the Geek Patrol to discuss The Pirates of Penzance!

Episode 5: Innovations in Storytelling
Joe questions Ned Canty about the first opera, while the rest of the Geek Patrol questions Joe’s need for Smell-O-Vision!

Ben Affleck steps back while Han Solo gets started.

Episode 7: Castings & Goings
Peter Capaldi prepares his exit, Teri Hatcher returns to a SUPERshow and Cloak & Dagger casts a Germantown local.

Episode 8: The Loss of a Legend
The Geek Patrol says good by to the incomparable John Hurt…

BEYOND THE TANK: Lan Diep, America’s Councilman!
The Geek Patrol talks to San Jose District 4 Councilman Lan Diep about his geekdom, values and his decision to wield the shield of the Star-Spangled Avenger to his swearing in.

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Geek Tank Radio Season 012717: Dang it, Joe! Why’d it have to be snakes?!?

Episode 1: Snakes in a Sub
The Geek Patrol are back with a colossal show, featuring awesome guests, unstoppable cannibals and things to keep your spirits up as the temperatures plummet!

Episode 2: Go Tell Aunt Rhody…
Brodee and Brandon take a virtual roadtrip to Dulvey, Louisiana for the Baker Family Reunion while a new breed of heroes assemble and the lines between legends are redrawn…

Episode 3: Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Flashing The Moon Bionic
Allan practices new “mind control” techniques as Joe gets surprised by a double moon.

Episode 4: Geek Tank Radio’s Series of Unavoidable Events
Global Correspondent Lara Johnson joins us from Prague to weigh-in on Netflix’s newest hit, A Series of Unfortunate Events, while Joe is amused by how much Klaus looks like a young Harold Ramis…

Episode 5: The Unapologetic Adventures of IMAKEMADBEATS
IMAKEMADBEATS, Eric Knight, Jr., Kid Maestro and the crew from Unapologetic Studios join the Geek Patrol to discuss their new EP and upcoming performance at Visible Music College!

Episode 6: Lets all go to the Lobby,
Episode VIII gets a title, The Flash gets a page-one rewrite and Arrival gets a re-release, not to mention 8 Oscar nominations!

Episode 7: CW Domination!
The Geek Patrol says goodbye to a television icon, then go full GEEKTASTIC on the CW midseason premieres!

Episode 8: Geek Tank Cures for The Winter-time Blues
How does the Geek Patrol beat the winter doldrums? CREATIVELY!

Episode 9: Random Roundup: TEASE-APALOOZA!!!
The Aquabats vs GWAR! Councilman America! LITTLE BILLY! GEEK EATS?!?