Don’t Let Joe Sing …..

In the latest season of GTR, Jessie makes up for her absence with bribes from Tasty Creations by Temple, Brodee voices concerns for Stan Lee, Allan prepares for the Terminator uprising, and Joe warns of the dangers from letting your child play with your cellphone. All this, plus Brandon chimes in from a Pokémon GO EX Raid! This is a KISS Original, which means you can only hear it here and at


While Jessie is away …..

While Jessie‘s away, the Geek Patrol run amok in an all-new season of GTR!

Joe gets downright prickly with his booking, Brodee joins the Fact Check Revolution, Allan prepares to outfit his legion of supervillains, and Brandon is surprised by one Olympic event that didn’t make it to the air. All this and sleepy theorizing over the new Avengers Infinity War release date! Only on,

The Lara Johnson Paradox

Brodee makes his triumphant return as Joe blames Brandon for The Cloverfield Paradox, Alissa unpacks all the Star Wars news and Lara expertly ruins Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle! It’s an all-new season of Geek Tank, and as always, you can find it and all the KISS Originals at!

Boldly On Into 2018

In an all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Brodee is on paternity leave, Sushi leaves a bad taste in Joe‘s mouth, Allan teaches the Geek Patrol about atmospheric disequilibrium, Jessie exposes the seedy world of camel beauty pageants, and Brandon asks what show or movie franchise you’d want to see get resurrected. No seriously, comment below. We really want to know!

The Geek Tank Thaws Out


In this all-new season of Geek Tank, Joe rages against the Bat-Gyllenhaal rumors, Allan taste tests Martian Water, Brodee & Brandon discuss the LABO, Cat Knowles tells the Geek Patrol about the Wayfinder Mural and digital art, and Tenitia Hobson & Terri Weaver from Geek Girl Brunch Memphis stop by to discuss their organization. All this and more, only at, keyword: Geek Tank.

Brand New Shiny Year – Same Old Tank

The new year brings an all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, as Jessie laments Santa’s gift to her son, Brandon is dumbfounded by people drinking raw water, Allan teaches the Geek Patrol all the new weather terminology and Joe risks his first location punishment while Brodee tries on his huggin’ pants! Plus, your monthly update on the Memphis Astronomical Society with Jeremy Veldman, and Josh Lincoln stops by to wrangle Joe’s new “device!”

Geek Tank Radio: All Hallow’s Joe

 The Geek Patrol celebrates Halloween with Candy, Malice and Joe learning the difference between SCARY and DISTURBING.

In an all-new Halloween Season, Brodee is MIA in Egypt, Jessie is way too excited about donuts delivery, Brandon prepares his Amazon Key lawsuit, Wayne chastises Joe about Robots and Allan tackles lycanthropy, candy quesadillas, and Malice in Memphis! All this, plus a special appearance from Elvis Radio’s Argo!

Geek Tank Radio: Spooky Cookie Edition

On an all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Joe learns a little something about Man (and Woman) vs Nature, Allan teaches the team about Mummy DNA, Jessie says goodbye to Team Harley, Brandon & Brodee geek out with The CineMasoCast, and artist Cat Knowles talks about creating the new MCFC mascot, A.D!

GTR: The Conspiracies Of Brodee

On an all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Joe takes on Drunken Time Travel, Brandon is conflicted about The Gifted, and Allan contemplates “solar sailing” to ContraFlow. Plus, The Geek Patrol tries to fit Brodee for a full-on tinfoil bodysuit, but the Saturnian messages keep coming…

More Pumpkin Spice …

GEEK TANK RADIO IS… well, late, but still ON!

Monday is the worst!

In this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Brandon & Brodee need a hug, Joe studies bathroom accuracy, Jessie rages at Build-a-Bear, and Allan bakes! Plus we hear from Trek Connoisseur Gary Hahn and The CineMasoCast about Star Trek: Discovery!