Geek Tank Radio Season 020317

Three Hosts? Three Different Locations to DISCOVER!

Episode 1: Discovery
Despite being split across three locations, the Geek Patrol take a moment to discuss the latest about Star Trek: Discovery!

Episode 2: Do Power Pellets Cure Sadness?
The Geek Patrol discuss the loss of a gaming pioneer while they prepare for Horizon Zero Dawn.

Episode 3: Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Jupiter… Descending?
Allan brings the Geek Patrol new updates from the Juno and Cassini missions.

Episode 4: The Pirates are Coming to Germantown!
Ned Canty and Chelsea Miller of Opera Memphis Join the Geek Patrol to discuss The Pirates of Penzance!

Episode 5: Innovations in Storytelling
Joe questions Ned Canty about the first opera, while the rest of the Geek Patrol questions Joe’s need for Smell-O-Vision!

Ben Affleck steps back while Han Solo gets started.

Episode 7: Castings & Goings
Peter Capaldi prepares his exit, Teri Hatcher returns to a SUPERshow and Cloak & Dagger casts a Germantown local.

Episode 8: The Loss of a Legend
The Geek Patrol says good by to the incomparable John Hurt…

BEYOND THE TANK: Lan Diep, America’s Councilman!
The Geek Patrol talks to San Jose District 4 Councilman Lan Diep about his geekdom, values and his decision to wield the shield of the Star-Spangled Avenger to his swearing in.

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Geek Tank Radio Season 012717: Dang it, Joe! Why’d it have to be snakes?!?

Episode 1: Snakes in a Sub
The Geek Patrol are back with a colossal show, featuring awesome guests, unstoppable cannibals and things to keep your spirits up as the temperatures plummet!

Episode 2: Go Tell Aunt Rhody…
Brodee and Brandon take a virtual roadtrip to Dulvey, Louisiana for the Baker Family Reunion while a new breed of heroes assemble and the lines between legends are redrawn…

Episode 3: Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Flashing The Moon Bionic
Allan practices new “mind control” techniques as Joe gets surprised by a double moon.

Episode 4: Geek Tank Radio’s Series of Unavoidable Events
Global Correspondent Lara Johnson joins us from Prague to weigh-in on Netflix’s newest hit, A Series of Unfortunate Events, while Joe is amused by how much Klaus looks like a young Harold Ramis…

Episode 5: The Unapologetic Adventures of IMAKEMADBEATS
IMAKEMADBEATS, Eric Knight, Jr., Kid Maestro and the crew from Unapologetic Studios join the Geek Patrol to discuss their new EP and upcoming performance at Visible Music College!

Episode 6: Lets all go to the Lobby,
Episode VIII gets a title, The Flash gets a page-one rewrite and Arrival gets a re-release, not to mention 8 Oscar nominations!

Episode 7: CW Domination!
The Geek Patrol says goodbye to a television icon, then go full GEEKTASTIC on the CW midseason premieres!

Episode 8: Geek Tank Cures for The Winter-time Blues
How does the Geek Patrol beat the winter doldrums? CREATIVELY!

Episode 9: Random Roundup: TEASE-APALOOZA!!!
The Aquabats vs GWAR! Councilman America! LITTLE BILLY! GEEK EATS?!?

Geek Tank Radio Season 122316: Merry Christmas from a special IMAX screening of The Star Wars Holiday Special!!!

The Geek Patrol finds themselves cringing in cinematic pain as they discuss Ebola, the return of Rick Deckard and a new way to PoGo! PLUS a visit from GTR’s very own Santa Claus!

Episode 1: It’s time to Catch ‘Em All!
Every time Brodee thinks he’s out, they drag him back in… This time, by his WRIST!

Episode 2: The Dark Side of Riverdale
We’re only a month away from the CW’s twisted take on the world of Archie Comics and a new extended promo shows us that not all is well in Riverdale…

Episode 3: Prof. Gilbreath’s Science Corner: EEEEEEEEEEEEEE-BOLAAAAAA
Allan introduces the Geek Patrol to the new Ebola Vaccine. Thankfully, no one dropped their pants….

Episode 4: “I used to have your job…”
The first trailer for Blade Runner 2049 has dropped and it finds current Blade Runner Ryan Gosling searching for Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard. Brandon is taking bets on Deckard being killed and tossed off of a catwalk….

Episode 5: Brandon’s Top 5 Unconventional Christmas Films
Brandon regales the Geek Patrol with the five movies he must watch every holiday season.

5. The Ref

4. Die Hard

3. Lethal Weapon

2. Batman Returns

1. Gremlins

Episode 6: Random Roundup
Don’t expect any links here… Its TOO random.

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Geek Tank Radio Season 121616: Feliz Navidad from the Processing Center on the Island of Misfit Toys.

The Geek Patrol finds themselves surrounded by some familiar characters…

Episode 1: Pokemon Ho Ho Ho
Brandon puts The Silph Road on the Naughty list as Niantic drops a very minuscule holiday update including the hatchable baby Pokemon and a Holiday Pikachu.

Episode 2: Storming the Castle
Duke Sir Kane and his squire Aubrey join the Geek Patrol to discuss Shadowcon and the Society for Creative Anachronism

Episode 3: Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Designer Genes & Exoplanet Weather
Allan tells Joe all about the latest exoplanet weather report while Brandon & Brodee petition to test out a BXP 3200 DNA Printer.

Episode 4: Beware the Aquabats!
Joe discovered the Aquabats on Netflix. Now he wants to share them with YOU!

Episode 5: The Force is with Me and I am One with The Force (Spoiler Alert!!!)
The Geek Patrol yell over each other while discussing ROGUE ONE.

GTR Beyond The Tank: The Lara Johnson Chronicles: Saying Goodbye to India
Brandon catches up with Global Correspondent Lara Johnson as she prepares to depart India.

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Geek Tank Radio Season 120916: Season Greetings from the Naughty List Processing Department

The Geek Patrol are helping check Santa’s Naughty List while they discuss Poke-Starbucks, Dinosaur Tails, and Homecoming for an Arachnid!

Episode 1: Starbucks GO!
Brodee is chasing the PokeDragon once again, and Brandon is frothing at the prospect of using the new Pokemon Frappuccino to sate his caffeine needs as they prepare for the possibility of new Pokemon.

Episode 2: Prof Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Cassini Hexagons and Dinosaur Feathers
Allan teaches the Geek Patrol all about the Cassini flight path, amazing Saturn pictures, and the basis of the Jurassic Park franchise….

Episode 3: GTR Watchlist
Stealing a note from the MIA CineMasoCast, the Geek Patrol give you a couple of must-watch gems. Plus, we update you on Attack on Titan Season 2 & Russian superhero film Guardians!

Episode 4: AFI Awards for 2016
The American Film Institute recognizes the top 10 films and tv programs of 2016!

Episode 5: NEW Movie Trailers!!!!
The Geek Patrol talks Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming and (ughh) Transformers: The Last Knight.

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Geek Tank Radio Season 120216: Happy Holidays from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer’s Community Outreach Center for Equal Opportunity Employment

The Geek Patrol are BACK, coming to you from Rudolph’s Community Outreach Center for Equal Opportunity Employment, to discuss DC INVASION!, The Cure, and the return of the PokeUpdate! All this and a very sick Global Correspondent fighting off Dengue Fever! Now With Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation!

Episode 1: The PokeMon Rise
Ditto, Tracking and the rumored December Gen2 rollout gets the Geek Patrol back in the game! Brodee’s Mother-in-law will never know what hit her!

Episode 2: The Plummeting Dead
Can Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Season 8 confirmation bring back viewers to The Walking Dead? Or will Bottle Episodes ruin the fanbase forever?

Episode 3: The CW DC Invasion!
Brodee and Brandon go into full childlike glee as they discuss the greatest four hours of CW TV as Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow crossover for INVASION!

Episode 4: Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Allan introduces Joe to a whole new form of memory retention, possibly using refrigerator magnets and the microwave. Meanwhile, Brodee disappears into Hermey’s dental office.

Episode 5: Fantastic Beasts and How to Bake Them
The Geek Patrol discusses the first chapter of JK Rowling’s latest venture into the Wizarding World as Allan sits down to eat a hippogriff as prepared by world famous prospector, Yukon Cornelius!

Episode 6: The Dark Side of Justice
The Geek Patrol keep tapping into the magical realms as John Constantine meets Batman in DC Animated’s JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK!

Episode 7: Joe finds The Cure!
Joe meets one of his heroes, founding member of The Cure, Lol Tolhurst and gives him a full Geek Tank Welcome! And if you don’t get enough here, you can read more in Lol’s new book CURED: The Tale of Two Imaginary Boys!

Episode 8: Random Roundup!
The Geek Patrol wraps up their return with a few housekeeping moments and an update on our Global Correspondent Lara Johnson!

Geek Tank Radio Season 110416: “Live” from Norman Osborn’s Campaign Headquarters

The Geek Patrol crashes the campaign headquarters of the Green Goblin with The CineMasoCast’s Wayne Camp and the Desoto County Spider-man! Featuring an accoustic interlude with KHAZHA!

Episode 1: Brodee IS the Tiger…
The Walking Dead takes over the PokeSegment as Brodee & Brandon discuss The Kingdom!

Episode 2: Every Town needs a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
Desoto County Spider-Man, Andrew Hylander joins the Geek Patrol to discuss cosplay, birthday parties and the Spider-men of the World!

Episode 3: Accoustic Interlude
KAZHA members Kazuha Oda and Hedeki Matsushige perform two accoustic tracks from their debut album, OVERTURE.

Episode 4: Hostage Crisis: REVEALED…?
The CineMasoCast’s Wayne Camp joins the Geek Patrol to discuss his contributions to, you guessed, The Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention.

Episode 5: Prof. Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Everything is SMARTer than us…
Allan takes the Geek Patrol into the past AND future to teach us about The House That Musk Built…using Heinlein’s guidelines.

Episode 6: Joe gets Strange
Joe was the only one of the Geek Patrol to see Dr. Strange so far. Of course, he can’t wait to spoil it for the rest of the team… Friggin’ JERK. So Brandon smacks him with a Fantastic Beasts rumor.

Episode 7: Random Roundup
We got Clowns, Cubbies and Conventions!

Geek Tank Radio Season 102816: Happy Halloween from Castle Dracula!

SEASON 102816: The Walking Dad Joke books the Geek Patrol at Dracula’s Family Reunion as we welcome multiple special guests, celebrate Halloween on a budget, and calculate serious numbers…

Episode 1: The Halloween Shakedown
Joe gives Brandon a Halloween budget challenge and Brodee learns the true meaning of “Trick or Treat.”

Episode 2: The Walking Dead, brought to you by Louisville Slugger and Excedrin Migraine
Brodee & Brandon give Joe a primer on the Walking Dead while discussing the over the top violence of the season premiere.

Episode 3: Timid Monster Started a Joke…
Nicholas Roylance of RIDICULOUS FILMS and TIMID MONSTER’s Dan Baker tease an upcoming collaboration featuring everyone’s favorite crazy lovebirds from the DCU.

Episode 4: Prof. Gilbreath’s Science Corner has disappeared in the Triangle
Allan informs the Geek Patrol about the latest on the Bermuda Triangle, prompting Brandon to book Joe on a direct solo cruise….

Episode 5: Nick VS Dan: Critic War
Joe decides to let our guests loose on the mic. Chaos will hopefully ensue…

Episode 6: Don’t Diss Ability!
Chance Raspberry checks in with the Geek Patrol on his newest campaign involving his property Little Billy!

Episode 7: The CineMasoCast Review: FOX’s Rocky Horror Commercial Show
After forgetting it was on, Brandon goes to the bunker to get the opinions of Wayne Camp & Tannen Van Horn about The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again.

Episode 108: Joe’s Chicago Cub Calculations, Conspiracies & Crackpot Theories
‘Nuff said…

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Season 102116: Coming to you live from the FireSwamp Hotel…

The developer behind the on again/off again FastPokeMap issues an open statement to NIANTIC LABS. FINAL GTR POKEMON UPDATE!!! At least until something significant happens…

FLIPPING THE SWITCH ON TRADITIONAL GAMING: Nintendo has unveiled their newest console, Nintendo Switch, and are looking to change the playing field once again.

Michael Fassbender finds a new purpose thanks to Jeremy Irons in the newest ASSASSIN’S CREED trailer!

ITS NOT A TRAILER! JAMES GUNN SAID SO!: The first look at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has hit the interwebs and Joe has to decide if he one of those who dance, or those who do not.

FOX’S LAST SHOT AT REDEMPTION: The Final Hugh Jackman Wolverine film “LOGAN” has debuted its first trailer and DAMN….

Batman ’66 meets Wonder Woman ’77 in a new comic book crossover series in January! (1/18/17) and the JLA meet the Power Rangers!


Uranus has 2 undiscovered moons and 10.000 endangered scrotum frogs have died near Lake Titicaca….FML.

British Batman takes to the streets of Cumbria in Northwest England to fight the rowing Creepy Clown Menace.

Stephanie Riales from St. Jude/ALSAC joins The Geek Patrol to discuss the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention and other the awesome geekdom of Memphis.

8 new character posters have been released for Rogue One and Joe is sure that theirs a hidden message in the DEATH STAR plans.

Season 101416: Coming to You LIVE (on tape) from the 358th Annual Ewok Olympic Games

Geek Tank Radio:

Episode 1: WE ARE… WE ARE VR!
Pokemon goes on the backburner as Brandon & Brodee go from Augmented to Virtual Reality!

Episode 2: DC on The CW: IT’S ON!
Brodee and Brandon recap the DC Supershow season premieres. It’s gonna get nerdy…

Episode 3: Return of the Geek Complainers!
Joe and Brandon attended Fathom Events’ “BATMAN: RETURN OF THE CAPED CRUSADERS”

Episode 4: Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner: All The Aliens are DEAD!!!
Prof. Brian Cox has an interesting theory as to why we’ve never been contacted by aliens…

Episode 5: They’re Asking For a Call Sign….
The new Rogue One Trailer is out, and Allan just won’t let Joe be excited….. PLUS our global correspondent introduce her host family’s children to Star Wars!

Episode 6: Never FEAR! TADPOLE’S HERE!!!
The Amazing Mr. Robert, Tadpole and Weasel stop by to help us prepare for Let’s Make A Deal at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, Allan unveils The GTR Cafepress store, Brandon talks the GTR Network and Joe just gets straight up SHAMELESS!

Episode 7: Geektastic Freaks and How to Avoid Them
Nine new posters have been released for Fantastic Beasts and they are chockfull of hints, clues, & easter eggs. Plus, JK Rowling has revealed Fantastic Beasts to be part one of a PENTALOGY!

Episode 8: Random Roundup or The Ballad of Joe’s Favorite Goat
The Geek Patrol heads to Wrigley Field for a look at The Chicago Cubs & the Curse of the Billy Goat.

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