In the latest all-new season of GTR, the Geek Patrol are joined by Ali Diggs, Kirk Herring and the band KAZHA for discussions on the YouTube Red sensation, Cobra Kai, the multi generational appeal of the Great British Baking Show, and designing personalized guitars! This is a KISS Original.




MCFC is just around the corner!


On an all-new season of Geek Tank Radio (A KISS Original), Brandon andCaitlin talk about MCFC Gaming, Jeremy Feldman teaches Joe about the Messier Catalog, Allan investigates interstellar visitors, and Jessie plots against Brodee! PLUS, Kazuha Oda and Hideki Matsushige join the Geek Patrol for a studio performance!



Geek Tank Radio Season 111116: Why did Joe book us in Allan’s living room?

Coming to you from the Museum of The Unexplained, The Geek Patrol talks Piranha Rooms, New Paper Technology, and the DC CW INVASION!


Episode 1: Right Here on Geeky Street
Brandon & Brodee discuss Daryl’s Torture and take bets how long before Joe would be Negan.

Episode 2: Rasmussen’s Playhouse
Andrew Chandler gives us a primer for Essential Escape Experience’s A SUPER ESCAPE, a super hero themed escape room coming to the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention!

Episode 3: DC Invasion!
The DC CW Shows have been building up to the this… INVASION! is coming. Meanwile, due to the amazing response to the first two seasons on Netflix and the rabid demand for more, Warner Bros is bringing YOUNG JUSTICE out of retirement! JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION has dropped three sneak peeks at their upcoming show!

Episode 4: Prof Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Little Billy’s New Smart Paper
Chance Raspberry joins Prof Gilbreath for the unveiling of a new technology from intelliPaper by way of Little Billy and The MCFC!

Episode 5: MAIN STAGE is ready to Rock the Piranha Room!
Jared Graham stops by from MAIN STAGE to talk about all the amazing equipment and gadgets they’re bringing to MCFC After Dark!

Episode 6: Stranger Casting
Two major 80’s stars have joined the 2nd season of Netflix’s supernatural children’s adventure, one of whom just happens to be running a Radio Shack.

Broadcasting from the Lemonade Stand at Luke Skywalker’s place …



Episode 1:
A week in and we’re still hooked! We give you OUR update on Pokemon GO as well as some exciting news from Nintendo!

Episode 2:
Biological 3D printing!? What is going on in the world of science? Are we talking the real clone army here? We discuss!

Episode 3:
Grammy award winner Boo Mitchell stopped by the studio with his new artist Kazha and talked everything from ‘Uptown Funk’ to Kazha playing at this year’s MCFC!

Episode 4:
What did Geek Patrolers Brandon and Joe think of the new Ghostbusters movie They have the review! Here’s what others from the premiere thought!

Episode 5:
What are some good vacation spots for us geeks? Check out our favs!

Episode 6:
Geek Patroler Joe has a little presidential talk with former “President Bill Clinton”, “President Obama”, and presidential candidate “Donald Trump” from DEEP within the tank.

Episode 7:
Comic artist Martheus Wade joins the Geek Patrol and talks his new projects and changing his style thanks to his son!