Geek Tank Radio: 5.14.2022: Live From The Bartlett Animal Services

Joe, Brandon, and Allan are recorded live at the Bartlett Animal Services’ Rabies and Vaccinations Extravaganza. The guys get to visit with hundreds of cute dogs and cats all there to get their vaccinations. In between furry pet breaks, the guys dive into the idea that comic universes should be kept separate. They get a visit from Jay the Dog Catcher who gives them an update on the event. The guys wrap up talking about the power of an animal in modern storytelling and there are a few works out there told from the animals point of view.


Geek Tank Radio: 5.07.2022: Moon Knight wraps up and The Multiverse of Madness gets started.

Joe, Brandon, and Allan wrap up episode six of Moon Knight. Egyptian mythology is now in the MCU. The Multiverse of Madness opens up a lot of options for the MCU for the next phase of movies. In science, lots of ground water in Antarctica holds a lot of implications for everything from global warming to the biology of exoplanets. The guys wrap up with the pros and cons of fan fic productions.

Geek Tank Radio: 4.30.2022: Space News, Conventions, Moon Knight gets crazier, and Creativity

Joe, Brandon, and Allan are joined by Jeremy Veldman from the Memphis Astronomical Society with a list of upcoming celestial events. Then they answer a question from the mailbag about what other conventions would they check out. Episode five of Moon Knight gets even crazier. The guys wrap it up with a discussion about suffering for your art.

Geek Tank Radio: 4.23.2022: From the Opera to Moon Knight

Ned Canty from Opera Memphis joins Joe, Brandon , and Allan for an uplifting conversation about 30 Days of Opera and Singers on Segways. They get into the evolution of stage special effects and the power of story. The Bad Geek Confession is morphing into The Geek Mailbag. The guys touch on your parents giving away your comic books and Moon Knight finally hits real lunacy.

Geek Tank Radio: 4.16.2022: From Catapults to Conspiracies

Joe, Brandon, and Allan start off the show with the news about Spin Launch. A new system for launching payloads into space by hurling them at 5,000 miles per hour. Jeff Bezos wants to build a new mixed use office park in orbit. Bad Geek Confession gets a lesson in the difference between science fiction like Star Trek and a space opera like Star Wars. Then the guys wonder now what happens after the huge merger between Warner Bros and Discovery. Conspiracy Nation encompasses planetary ice caps, hoiden pyramids, colonizing Mars, artificial intelligence, brain implants, and Elon Musk.

Geek Tank Radio: 4.09.2022: From Genomes to Aliens

Joe, Brandon, and Allan (The Geek Patrol) now have two full hours of broadcast time. Max just might need backup. They start out with a quick visit to the new series by Disney Plus “Moon Knight”. Then they get to announce the final mapping of the human genome and the future of that research. There is a multi-layered Bad Geek Confession and the theory that Jackie Gleason was really an alien. They wrap up with stuff you can build that is a bad idea.

Geek Tank Radio: 3.26.2022: Live From MidSouthCon 38

Joe, Brandon, and Allan broadcasted live from MidSouthCon 38 in Memphis, TN. They start off with a short discussion of the “leaked” Joker clip from “The Batman”. Then they are joined by Steve Mulroy to talk about the upcoming “Star Trek Day” which is an official event in Shelby County, TN. Finally, they get down to enjoying the convention experience.

Geek Tank Radio: 3.19.2021: MidSouthCon 38 and the Convention Experience

The Geek Patrol is joined by Danny Chamberlin and Eric Groff, the Co-Chairs of MidSouthCon. They take a peek behind the curtain at what it takes to run an event of this size. There is the year of planning, months of laying out panels, and guests to invite. Then there is the rush of the last few weeks to make sure everything is in place and the event is ready to give thousands of people a great convention experience.

Geek Tank Radio: 3.12.2022: The Batman, Giant Spiders, and Obi Wan Kenobi

Joe and Brandon just can’t help giving “The Batman” a few more positive compliments while Allan would be impressed by a new villain like Hugo Strange or Egghead. The guys are cautiously optimistic about the upcoming Sony/Marvel release “Morbius”. They wrap up with joro spiders, “Turning Red” by Pixar, and the upcoming “Obi Wan Kenobi”.