The Prodigal Joe Returns


In an all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Brandon & Brodee talk the Game Awards and Net Neutrality, Andy Lockley celebrates the Marvel regime change, and Allan discusses the theory that CERN destroyed our universe and we’re stuck on Bizarro World. All this and more, plus the return of Joe!


Geek Tank – The Holidays Begin

holidaygeeksIn an all-new, Joeless season, Allan talks Facebook AI, Brandon & Brodee feel ALL THE FEELS with Crisis on Earth X, and Jessie has an “Inifinity” moment. All this plus a visit from Jeremy Veldman from the Memphis Astronomical Society to discuss telescopes!

Overloaded Baked Potato Time!

There’s just so dang much awesome packed into this all-new season of Geek Tank, we can’t even begin to scratch the surface!  MCFC is the 17th and this season has everything from Stranger Things and Star Wars to Transformers and Wild Turkeys!  Greg Cravens wows us with his drawing prowess and the Red Mullet is looking for Super Villains …. Check it out 🙂

MCFC is just around the corner!


On an all-new season of Geek Tank Radio (A KISS Original), Brandon andCaitlin talk about MCFC Gaming, Jeremy Feldman teaches Joe about the Messier Catalog, Allan investigates interstellar visitors, and Jessie plots against Brodee! PLUS, Kazuha Oda and Hideki Matsushige join the Geek Patrol for a studio performance!

Geek Tank Radio: All Hallow’s Joe

 The Geek Patrol celebrates Halloween with Candy, Malice and Joe learning the difference between SCARY and DISTURBING.

In an all-new Halloween Season, Brodee is MIA in Egypt, Jessie is way too excited about donuts delivery, Brandon prepares his Amazon Key lawsuit, Wayne chastises Joe about Robots and Allan tackles lycanthropy, candy quesadillas, and Malice in Memphis! All this, plus a special appearance from Elvis Radio’s Argo!

Geek Tank Radio: To Boldly Effing Go

The Geek Patrol is back with an all-new season, where we’ll see Joe weigh-in on childhood toys as choking hazards, Brodee shows disdain for the Giant Robot Battle, Jessie scream at her phone for FUN, and Allan convinces Brandon that the Kit Kat Quesadilla might not be as horrible as it sounds…

Geek Tank Radio: Spooky Cookie Edition

On an all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Joe learns a little something about Man (and Woman) vs Nature, Allan teaches the team about Mummy DNA, Jessie says goodbye to Team Harley, Brandon & Brodee geek out with The CineMasoCast, and artist Cat Knowles talks about creating the new MCFC mascot, A.D!

GTR: The Conspiracies Of Brodee

On an all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Joe takes on Drunken Time Travel, Brandon is conflicted about The Gifted, and Allan contemplates “solar sailing” to ContraFlow. Plus, The Geek Patrol tries to fit Brodee for a full-on tinfoil bodysuit, but the Saturnian messages keep coming…

More Pumpkin Spice …

GEEK TANK RADIO IS… well, late, but still ON!

Monday is the worst!

In this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Brandon & Brodee need a hug, Joe studies bathroom accuracy, Jessie rages at Build-a-Bear, and Allan bakes! Plus we hear from Trek Connoisseur Gary Hahn and The CineMasoCast about Star Trek: Discovery!

Geek Tank Radio: Flight of the Innuendo

Joe books the Geek Patrol at the Annual Super Villain Take Your Kids to Work Day and Allan’s werewolf puppies are everywhere. Brodee has been watching his brother play DESTINY 2, and Brandon prepares us for the Pokemon Go Equinox. Then Allan informs the Geek Patrol about a microchip that turns light into sound, and an HP laptop that works in space.  Plus So much more!