What could possibly go wrong?

Things go from weird to downright nutty in this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio. First, Brodee nearly drowns in the Ancient Pesto of Evil before being bombarded by the Scarlett Cloud, Allan plans to buy all the Lake Front property on Mars, Joe demands too much of Jeremy Veldman, and Brandon fruitlessly mines for gems from SDCC.





From the Complaint Dept at Azkaban Prison …

Episode 1:
The Geek Patrol are back and SUPER excited about the upcoming San Diego Comic Con! What will we see? They discuss some predictions!

Episode 2:
The Juno Mission is a GO and the Geek Patrol is talking about the latest PLUS watch out Dr. Who fans! You might not be too excited about this time-travel news!

Episode 3:
Ahhh the movies! The Geek Patrol is excited about some new movies on the horizon between The Warriors and The Killing Joke and Joe has a review of the latest live action reboot: Tarzan!

Episode 4:
Connie Wong joins the Geek Patrol to give a review of last weekend’s Anime Blues Con!

Episode 5:
The Geek Patrol is out trying to ‘Catch Em All’! The new Pokemon Go game is out and Brandon and Brodee can’t hardly wait to share the latest!

Episode 6:
Joe’s musings: “Why can’t we have an original superhero come out of the movies instead of only coming out of comics?” The Geek Patrol discuss.