It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Geektank …

In this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Ali gets hyped over the news from E3, Brandon breaks down Heroes in Crisis, Allan reveals his Killer Cyborg Initiative, and Brodee remember his childhood through PBS. All that, plus a special visit Joe never expected (Ho Ho Ho).


Geek Tank Radio is On Edge & Freaking Out, Man!

In the all-new season of GTR, the Geek Patrol gets a little emotional while discussing Bad Robot getting into Gaming, the current state of a galaxy far, far away, a celebrity good Samaritan, tiny statues, and the near-fatal revenge of a dead reptile! There’s so much angst in this season, you’ll think it was a show on The CW!


After being lost for a week, the Geek Patrol is back with an all-new, long overdue season filled with pocket monsters, celebrity opinions, and some much needed hygiene tips for airline passengers. We’ve also got special appearances by Jeremy Veldman and the illusive intern, Shadow Sam! It’s a KISS Original, meaning you can only find it here and at!

Television Must Fall

In this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Brandon and Brodee talk about a new innovation for gamers with mobility issues, Allan explains the importance of giant water eruptions on Europa, and Joe travels to another dimension, one not only of sight and sound, but of violent kangaroos with carrot addictions.



In the latest all-new season of GTR, the Geek Patrol are joined by Ali Diggs, Kirk Herring and the band KAZHA for discussions on the YouTube Red sensation, Cobra Kai, the multi generational appeal of the Great British Baking Show, and designing personalized guitars! This is a KISS Original.

It Is All About Time …

gtrthanosThere’s a definite theme running through the latest all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, as the Geek Patrol talks about Thanos’s time retread, time crystal entanglement, and a possible time jump for Star Wars Episode IX! Guests Thordy UndeadAlissa Brielle and Kirk Herring jump into the Tank! This is a KISS Original.

It got all science up in here ….

In this all-new season of GTR, Joe is in hiding, so the Geek Patrol takes the opportunity to talk about holograms, cybernetic wearables, quantum entanglement, and MAS Hysteria with Jeremy Veldman from the Memphis Astronomical Society! Its all about the SCIENCE! And its a KISS Original, so you’ll only find it at!

Welcome To Earth Day …

In an all-new season of GTR, the Geek Patrol prepares for Earth Day by discussing Netflix’s Lost In Space, deep space planet exploration, and 80 years of the Last Son of Krypton! Along the way, Kevin Woods drops in to talk Bee 901, and Professor Andy Lockley teams up with Brodee to completely geek out over the newest GOD OF WAR!

Joe’s MIA, Allan made brownies …

In an all-new season of GTR, Brandon laughs at Billy Mitchell, Brodee slams film snobs, Allan brings the flavors of autumn into the Spring, and Jessie prepares for a new adventure. All this, plus the Geek Patrol gets serious for a moment as they discuss the signs of elder abuse amid growing concerns for geek icon Stan Lee. (We love you, Stan!) This is a KISS original, meaning you can only find it here and at

Broadcasting from the Klingon Barber Shop …

In an all-new season of GTR, Brandon makes the team recast the X-Men, Joe discovers The Greatest Showman, Allan continues to outfit Brodee & Jessie for villainy, Steve Mulroy talks Shelby County Star Trek Day and Thordy Undead hits Fortnite haters where it hurts! Its a KISS Original, which means its only available here and at