Geek Tank Radio 060217: We Miss Brandon…

Brodee gets detained, Joe updates everyone on Attack on Titan and Netflix axes Sense 8. All this and SHARKNADO 5! Next, the Geek Patrol discuss the DCEU and why it causes so many people to turn into tantrum throwing children. Then the galactic collision begins as Professor Allan clues the Geek Patrol in on the gravitational effects of Black Holes and new advances in autism treatments.

And so much more ….

Geek Tank Radio 052617: The d20 Pitch

Episode 1: The Rise of the Librarians
The Geek Patrol welcome Mr Robert and the Weasel as they weave a tale of Collectible Proportions, and Joe asks about our geek legacy…

Episode 2: Crossover Entertainment
Friday the 13th: The Game hits home platforms, Resident Evil gets a cinematic reboot and Netflix takes on Dracula in a new Castlevania series.

Episode 3: Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Teen Satellite & Solar Memphis
A teenager has built a tiny satellite and NASA is going to launch it, while TVA prepares to build a solar facility in Memphis.
And so much more ….

Geek Tank Radio: Season 051917: Live From A Monkey Cruise!

While avoiding the Monkey Cruise groomers, The Geek Patrol discuss the weirdest theme park…

Then it’s a week of rock-claiming adventure with the PoGO Trainers, and Brandon chimes in on the awesome Batman Vs Superman saga Injustice2

Professor Gilbreath’s Science Fridge: Styrofoam Planet Terror:
Allan prepares to hack your refrigerator and spoil your milk…

In the end… Everybody Dies
The Geek Patrol are joined by Calandra & Herika Raymer as they discuss being a published minion in the service of The Dark Lord, Allan Gilbreath.

And so much more ……

Geek Tank Radio 051217: Save the Wwooorrrlldd!

Live from the Scooby Doo School of Criminal Justice

The Geek Patrol welcomes Mr Robert of the Day Care Kids ? to discuss the problems of not alerting your attending promoters about your convention’s new home…

Twelve years ago, The greatest gaming troll was unleashed on the internet. The Geek Patrol salutes Leeeeeeerrooooooyy Jjjeeennnkkiinnns!!! (‘Least I Got Chicken….) before giving their guesses on the upcoming Injustice 2 DLC fighters.

Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Designer Kidneys
Allan gets his wish of swimming in Uncle Scrooge’s Money Bin, Crayola gets an All-New Blue (that you can name!), and new designer kidneys may allow us to skip the donor list.

And so much more ……

Geek Tank Radio 050517: Fool House

Episode 1: Bard Wars
The Geek Patrol prep the season while discussing the Shakespearean Epic, Verily, a New Hope.

Episode 2: Shining your Bulbasaur
The team discuss the underwhelming nature of Prey, the overwhelming amount of Injustice 2 content and this weekend’s perfectly whelming Pokemon Blossom Event.

Episode 3: Prof Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Energizing Uranus
The Hubble telescope witnesses Uranus activity, while Allan powers the Wayback Machine with his trusty Mr. Fusion!

And so much more ….

Geek Tank Radio 042817: MCFC Has Left The Building

While preparing the show from Fred Flintstone’s Foot Repair Center, the Geek Patrol discuss the Art of the Prank Call while schilling for Brodee’s Monday show on 101.9 KISS FM.

Episode 2: You didn’t even OUTLAST the trailer!
While Allan takes a traumatized Joe to church, Brandon grills Brodee about OUTLAST 2 before he can get fitted for his fire suit.

Episode 3: Prof Gilbreath’s Science Corner: Giant Rats (not) From Space!
Professor Allan updates Joe on the Cassini Mission, as reports come in regarding!

And so much more ….

GEEK TANK RADIO 042117: This Studio is Overbooked

Episode 1: Flying the Not So Friendly Skies:
Attack on Titan, New X-files, and some other random stuff goes through the Geek Patrol collective mind after Joe books them on a United Airlines flight….

Episode 2: The Lara Johnson Chronicles: The Last Jedi:
Global Correspondent Lara Johnson joins the guys as the talk about The Last Jedi and Star Wars Celebration!

Episode 3: Professor Gilbreath’s Science Web: Nuff Said
Allan’s spider friends have created a lifesaving multi-acre web, while a genetically altered Mosquito army has it in for the rest of the population…

And so much more ….

Geek Tank Radio 041417: Let The Wookiee SLEEP…

The Trailer for THOR: RAGNAROK broke the Internet. How much duct tape will it take for the Geek Patrol to put it back together?

Egg Puns run rampant during the new Pokémon GO Easter event, and we get our first look at Battlefront II!

Professor Allan is breeding giant spiders from a moon base on Enceladus… Luckily, The Red Mullet is on hand to fight the beasts!

And so much more …

Geek Tank Radio Season 033117 Joe Joe Power Ranger

The Geek Patrol salute another moronic Gator Sacrifice and fills us in on their MidSouthCon Experience. Then the Geek Patrol checks out the Destiny 2 Reveal Trailer and update the world on Brodee’s & Brandon’s respective progress in Horizon Zero Dawn and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Then Professor Allan wants to talk about spiders, lots of spiders …