In an all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Joe finds his way back home, AllanĀ tries on a new suit, Brandon & Jessie question the DCEU, Brodee & Noah dream of Egypt, Alissa takes a magical ride, and the tank is loaded with guests, Jeremy Veldman, Roger Awesome and Timotheous the Orange! This is #AKISSOriginal which means you can find only on


Geek Tank Radio 081817: Designer Genes


On an all-new season of Geek Tank, Joe is MIA, Brandon tosses Alissa into the Tank, Brodee steals Joe’s mic and Allan welcomes Joyce Coarse from Graceland Healthcare Center to discuss the aging geek.


Geek Tank Radio 081117: Going Dark

The Death Spin – While Allan competes at the Sesame Street MMA Finals, Joe counts down the death of the fidget spinner.

Riddle Me This… Brandon questions the use of The Riddler as a Jigsaw-like character, while marveling at the awesome Poke-activity coming out of Yokohama, Japan.

Total Eclipse of the Art – The Geek Patrol welcomes Jeremy Veldman from the Memphis Astronomical Society to discuss the upcoming Eclipse, while Whitney Smith tells the team all about the Eclipse Mega Movie Project.

And so much more …

Geek Tank Radio 080417: Relevance Is Irrelevant


In a shocking turn of events, Brodee grows envious of competitive eating champions, Allan brings us news that the sky IS falling, and Fandom Fest has obviously been getting booking advice from Joe

Geek Tank Radio 72817 – Sausage?


In this action packed, all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, The Geek Patrol discusses Elvis Week with Gary Hahn, Allan has some news about Jack the Ripper and Joe is intrigued by 15 lbs of flying… sausage???

Geek Tank Radio 72117 – Opera

In a mostly-new season of GEEK TANK RADIO, the Geek Patrol are regaled by Mr. Roberts latest encounter with the Librarians, Joe and Allan discuss the nefarious uses of Transparent aluminum, and Ned Canty schools the Geek Patrol on the influence of opera on pop culture. Plus, Brandon chimes in on Valerian.

Geek Tank Radio 071417: A Very Special Episode

Episode 1: Probing the Imagine Nation
Joe’s a little upset that the Geek Patrol discussed #ButtholeGate without him.

Brandon breaks down Pokemon GO Fest and introduces the team to Cards Against Humanity…For Her.

Episode 3: PGSC: Jupiter’s Big Red Spot
The Juno Probe takes a selfie with the biggest storm in the galaxy

Plus cupcakes and so much more …..

Geek Tank Radio 070717: Imagine*…

Episode 0: Imagine #ButtholeGate
While awaiting Joe’s arrival, the rest of the Geek Patrol discusses a little story about a local vegan cafe in Memphis…

Episode 1: Joe Vs The Foodcano
Joe is disgusted by the annual July 4th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Guess that’s one sponsor we can stop chasing. Meanwhile, Mr. Robert gets another visit by the Librarians.

Episode 2: Pokemon Go Anniversary a Disappointment
Pikachu got a new hat. Yep, you guessed it. The internet is PISSED.

Episode 3: PGSC: Throwing DARTs into Space
Allan brings the team news about giant rats and our new asteroid defense system.

and so much more …..

Geek Tank Radio 063017: But isn’t it 07/06/17?

Episode 1: This Show is… Well, it’s a show.
The Geek Patrol trades Brodee for Anime Blues Con’s Jessi Gaston and a CineMasoCaster to be named later. (PSSST! Its WAYNE!)

Episode 2: Legendary: PokeRaid 2
Brandon has gone Raid Crazy in Pokemon GO, while Jessi laments her suburban trainer opportunities

Episode 3: The Solar Minimum – Prof Gilbreath’s Science Corner
Allan updates the Geek Patrol on the pros and cons of a lazy Sun

And so much more …

Geek Tank Radio 062617: Ughhhh… Modays

Episode 1: A Nap on Titan
The season has wrapped and so will Joe’s Attack on Titan updates. Brodee rejoices!

Episode 2: Pokemon RAID!
Pokemon GO has dropped their biggest update yet in preparation for a very LEGENDARY summer…

Episode 3: Professor Gilbreath’s Spooky Science: Gas ON Uranus?
The Chinese get spooky with their photons, there’s a whole lot of shaking going on in Yellowstone, and NASA is looking for gas…on Uranus. Plus Joe says goodbye to an old friend.

And so much more …