Advertise With Us

Advertising and Sponsorships are available.  Geek Tank Radio originates out of 101.9 KISS FM in Memphis TN, and our broadcast is heard all across the United States and the world.  Featured on, Facebook,, and Twitter, GTR reaches thousands of the people a day that you want to know about your products and services.

We limit our ad space so you receive the best possible exposure.

Our $600.00 basic advertising special features:
One 30 second ad per show with a link to your website as a Friend of the Show on the Geek Tank Radio Blog Site.
Your ad runs based on a month to month basis.  You receive four weeks of Geek Tank Radio show placement.
Your ad is professionally produced by the celebrities of GTR.

We have several other specials available.  Please use the Contact Us link and let us know what your needs are.

We need a link to your website and a sample ad from you covering all the information you want to broadcast.  Remember that simple and direct is best.  You can submit your information to us at the link below.  Don’t forget to include your phone number.

Phone: 901.259.1363  Fax: 901.259.6446

GTR Business Card Characters


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