Hello 2018

Here in Memphis, TN, 2018 is rolling in under very cold clear skies with a lovely full moon.  Not a bad way to make an entrance.  Here at Geek Tank Radio, we would like to thank everyone who listens in to our show.  Thanks to all of you, Geek Tank Radio is now downloaded literally around the world.  We don’t know how to thank you all enough other than to continue to move forward.  Special thanks go to KISS 101.9 FM on I Heart Media with Brodee Scott and Jessie McAlexander, without whose support, time, and energy, Geek Tank Radio would simply not be the fabulous show it is today.

What can you expect for 2018?  Joe will continue guiding the boat so to speak.  Brandon will remain Locked and Loaded, thus ready for anything.  Allan will continue bringing us science news from super villain’s point of view.  Brodee is bringing even more gaming action and Jessie has to keep the collective herd of geeky cats moving in the same direction.  There will be more special guests, blatant name dropping, bad segways, outrageous geek eats, and so much more.

Please let us know how we are doing.  We love getting email and phone messages.




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