Geek Tank Radio Season 021017

Collision Course

Episode 1: Asteroids & Memorials
The Geek Patrol say goodbye to Captain Apollo and the World’s Foremost Authority as they ride an asteroid on a collision course with the planet Earth.

Episode 2: Punching the Dragon
With just over a month to go, The Geek Patrol get prepped for Iron Fist on Netflix!

Episode 3: Professor Gilbreath’s Science Corner
From Dino DNA to Elon Musk sending a deadly disease to grow in space, Allan preps the rest of the Geek Patrol for their demise! NOW WITH THE LYCAN TRIFECTA!

The Geek Patrol gets a little bit giddy about the new DC Animated feature, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract!

Episode 5: The SUCK Between US
Joe finds himself cinematicly traumatized after his latest trip to the movies…

Episode 6: Twisting Split End…?
M. Night Shyamalan is back in top form with SPLIT, and James McAvoy proves just how awesome an actor he is!

Episode 7: GTR’s GVD
The Geek Patrol are joined by Jessie who drops some clues as they discuss the perfect geek Valentine’s date. Plus: NIANTIC gets in the mood…

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